Dear Ms. Kim,

As the spokesperson of our family, I wish to express our deep appreciation for the quality and loving care your facility has provided to our mother Rosamond  Tse.

The spacious and well-lit auditorium and hallways generates a relaxing atmosphere for visitors. The frequent updates of our mother through pictures and text messages help bridge the gap of distance. Visits by you in-house pastor, the kind and attentive social workers Ms. Lisa and Ms. Cindy provide further human contacts that eases the loneliness of an elderly not said but felt. Mother is always so well-groomed. The Covid pre-testing, another service above and beyond.

I truly feel that your facility has met and exceeded the objective and commitment detailed in your website. You and your staff should be commended and congratulated for striving towards excellence.

We thank our Lord for placing our mother in your fine establishment, and we thank all of you for providing her a home away from home.

Most sincerely yours,

Hing-Tack Chen



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