A big Thank You to all High Schoolers who volunteered their time in creating the “Fun Packs” for all our seniors at A. Holly Patterson extended care facility.

36 students from 20 high schools in NY contributed their time by creating these weekly fun packs which comprised sudoku’s, word search, coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, trivia and more. This was a creative way to get high schoolers to engage in a meaningful, creative, community based activity for the older generation creatively. All while enjoying the comforts of their own home.

The award ceremony was held at A. Holly Patterson and was attended by students and their parents. Certificates for volunteering and gifts were given out to all participants by Ms. Jinna Kim, President of Loving Care Health Management & Mr. Anthony Aiello, Administrator of A. Holly Patterson. This event was put together by the Indian / Asian Division at A. Holly Patterson headed by Brahashitha Gupta, Director & with team members Sangita Pandit and Komal Chauhan.

Participants names are listed here below –

Daniel Chan, Emma Wozniak, Srinidhi Chinnadurai, Daniel Zabransky, Isabelle De Fex, Christopher Dagoon, Kenneth Chan, Jennifer Chan, Harish Varadarajan, Shreya Sriram, Shruthi Kumar, Raghav Ramkumar, Angela Renny, Anika Patel, Jaiden Sam, Thomas Cassidy, Arianna Yom, Joelle Lee, Jorell Quiriones, Kayleigh Beyer, Devanshi Kawatra, Arush Verma, Rina Viswanathan, Tara Viswanathan, Andrew Dungca, Arvin Mehra, Zhenhai Tu, Neha Kamath, Sanjana Iyer, Siri Chikkerur, Asmith Kumbala, Aaron Garnier, Giancarlo Oliveri, Emily Rung, Karina McNara, Aron Seitz, Erika Leus, Alyssa G, Seoyoon Hannah Sim, Bhuvi Sunil Kumar, Swaraj Pandit, Achintyaa Gupta


काम करने के घंटे

सोमवार - शुक्रवार सुबह 9:00 - शाम 5:00 बजे
शनिवार बंद
रविवार बंद

कोरियाई डिवीजन (Korean)
दूरभाष: 516-572-1649 / फैक्स: 516-572-1662

चीनी विभाग (Chinese)
दूरभाष: 516-566-5196 / फैक्स: 516-566-5197

भारतीय विभाग (Indian)
दूरभाष: 516-566-5180 / फैक्स: 516-566-5181

AHP प्रवेश (admission)
दूरभाष: 516-572-1510