Looking for Senior Care?

Excerpt from Looking For Senior Care? by Parveen Chopra

A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility

….. , A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility in Uniondale, NY has an Indian wing that they opened two years ago. Director of the unit Brahashitha Gupta says that it was started at the behest of Jinna Kim, who founded a Korean division at  A. Holly Patterson 19 years ago. The sprawling 580-bed Holly Patterson and nearby Nassau University Medical Center are part of NUHealth.

Brahashitha feels that Indian seniors miss their cultural roots the most. “Americans are nice, some of our people even speak good English, but what they miss is speaking our language, Gujarati, Punjabi, and so on. And we can’t do for two days without having rice or roti.” she says, adding,  “At  A.  Holly Patterson, we are blessed, because a lot of our doctors, right up to the medical director, nurses and therapists are of Indian origin.”

Respecting all religions, they have an area to celebrate festivals like Holi and Eid.

Being part of the large 62-year-old facility, Indian patients have access to the dialysis unit, wound unit, speech therapy, and dementia/Alzheimer care as well as eye care, dental cleaning, and a beauty shop under one roof. Patients can finance their stay-long term/short term care or rehab- with Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, or out-of-pocket.

Jinna Kim explains, “Our goal is to improve the quality of life of every single life we touch. We will always seek to attain the highest possible quality of care for our residents. We also value our elderly as contributing members of society, and we respect and celebrate the spirit and value of family.”


काम करने के घंटे

सोमवार - शुक्रवार सुबह 9:00 - शाम 5:00 बजे
शनिवार बंद
रविवार बंद

कोरियाई डिवीजन (Korean)
दूरभाष: 516-572-1649 / फैक्स: 516-572-1662

चीनी विभाग (Chinese)
दूरभाष: 516-566-5196 / फैक्स: 516-566-5197

भारतीय विभाग (Indian)
दूरभाष: 516-566-5180 / फैक्स: 516-566-5181

AHP प्रवेश (admission)
दूरभाष: 516-572-1510