Excellent medical staff with different programs to serve our community with love and sincerity



Since opening 20 years ago, New York Korean Long Term Care has strived to establish a vision of pride, opportunity and inspiration among the Korean community.

Over the years, we have created an atmosphere which ensures a sense of happiness and fulfillment for all of our residents, families and friends of residents, and staff members.

At NY KLTC, we want our residents to feel as if we are an extension of their family – we serve to minister everyone as we would our own.

NY KLTC not only provides excellent accommodations and amenities for our residents, but comprehensive support systems to amplify the values of Korean culture.

These values are deeply ingrained in our work, and we promise to keep our commitment to them. It is only then, that we can create a bright and hopeful environment for everyone at our facilities.

We promise to continue in the path of serving our community and are eternally grateful for you to move forward with us.

Jinna Kim
President of NY KLTC