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Numerous onsite Medical Services available with joint collaboration with Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) for more in-depth care

Comprehensive care pertaining to the cardiovascular system. Individual care plans are created to improve their condition and overall quality of life.
Inpatient and outpatient hemodialysis center available. The center features 29 Fresenius hemodialysis stations that incorporate the best of today’s technology, including a highly sophisticated reverse osmosis system for water purification. A Holly Patterson ECF has a designated dialysis unit for individuals residing at the facility with highly skills staff.
Hospice care without curative intent. Person Care Centered Plan for symptom control, pain relief, and quality of life.
Board-certified pulmonologist, respiratory care staff provides comprehensive care 24/7. Daily tracheostomy care to prevent infection and skin breakdown at the trach site by skilled nurses. Alarm system in place to alert staff regarding vent and trach problems.
Overall assessment, identification, and management of oral care onsite. Extensive care will be arranged and provided at NUMC.
Assess, identify and manage disorders of hearing, balance and other neural systems with onsite clinic hours. ENT services available at NUMC for more elaborate treatment.
Onsite clinic hours to assess, identify, and manage eye conditions. Surgical procedures and more wide-ranging treatments available at NUMC.
Assesses speech, language, cognitive-communication, and oral / feeding / swallowing skills to identify any problems and best treatment. Individual care plans created to provide the best care of each individual.
Designated unit under the care of a skilled physician and nurses who have years of experience managing individual with HIV / AIDS.
Accredited full-service laboratory onsite, under the direction of a licensed pathologist.
Individual care plans to help develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain skills needed for daily living and working through therapeutic use of everyday activities. Treatment for pain relief, promoting healing and restoring function and movement associated with injury.
Short term relief for primary caregivers who need relief in taking care of loved ones.
Designated unit under the care of a skilled physician and wound care staff. VAC treatment, a method which decreases air pressure around a wound to assist with the healing process, available to help decrease wound healing time.